The Server Population in TBC Classic before WOTLK WoW

How Popular is TBC Classic

What is up guys, it’s soul I’m here back with another TVC classic video. So today we will be taking a look at the server population in TBC classic and basically looking at the health of various servers in TBC classic.

The main goal of this video is to show you the population and activity of various servers have different server types, and different service popularities. to ultimately help you guys choose which server to play on. This video might be more suitable for those of you returning to TBC classic and are actively trying to figure out which server you should play on.

Which Servers Close With TBC Ending and WOTLK Starting, The New Servers

But I also think it’s interesting to just to see how various surveys are different from each other. So that is what we are doing today. But before we get into the video, I want to give a massive shout out to my supporters over on Patreon, you guys are absolute legends and the financial stability from Patreon allows me to keep creating the videos that I want to make without having to chase clickbait titles just to pay the bills.

So once again, thank you so much. And if you aren’t enjoying the videos and want to take the extra step and support me on patreon as well, you can find the link to my Patreon page in the video description.

All right, so in order to discuss the server population and this survey activity, we will actually have to look at a couple of different statistics and different types of proof.

And the first thing I want to pull up is my trusty census scans. Census plus basically allows you to scan the amount of players that are currently online on the server that you are currently planning on allowing you to see the current online activity of the server.

It is a great add on to see how many players are actively playing the game rather than just seeing how many people are waiting logging. And you can even run the add on yourself to see how many people are playing while you are playing.

Ask there are huge varieties between how many people are currently online at different times of the day. Now I’ve also been lucky enough to be Sunday desk math by Epic desk, and they’ve even offered to give a wonderful way to you guys all epic estimates are limited edition and nothing is actually mass produced.

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So just be creative. Okay, so I did a couple of scans recently on some European surveys. And I did these close to midnight on a Wednesday. So it’s roughly around the time that people finish reading and doing it on midnight on Wednesday might not be the best time.

But I did the scans on the same day at roughly the same time for every survey. So while this is not probably showing you the most activity on the surveys, it will show you roughly the same kind of percentages for all of the surveys that I’ve scanned.

So even though it’s not the best time to do it, I did it on the same time for every single survey. So let’s just go and check it out. The first scam that I did was on fire mode. So this is going to be the scam that shows the most amount of players that I’m doing in this video.

And furthermore, it’s actually the end Most Popular server in the world right now, not just for Europe, but in the actual world, which is incredible for me playing on Europe and not having to be on na to be on the most popular survey. And another fun thing is that it’s one of the only service athletes the only server of the size that has a healthy fashion balance out of the four service that are like to talk for.

This is the only one that has a somewhat healthy faction balance sitting at 55%, Alliance and 45% Horde, while for example, benediction is sitting on 99%, the lions fairly nice setting on 99.7% Horde, and Johannes is also sitting on 99% HoId. So this is a PvP survey.

And it’s pretty much the only one have decent popularity that is sitting at a healthy server population or a healthy faction balance, which is incredible. It is one of the most fun servers to play on. There’s lots of worldview P going on.

And basically all of the activities you can think about that has to do with the both the server population and the faction balance. It feels incredible. But that being said, it’s also probably the only server that has served with us right now. Personally, I’m playing on both farmer and Parkwood village, and that’s against here right here partly religious, also classified as a high pop survey, close to full as well.

But when you go to for example, or enforce your Pro, you can see farmer has 34.8 1000 registered active Raiders, while pirate village has 9.2k. So far and more has about 3.5 times as many active Raiders. And it also has a lot more just in general active people playing on that survey. So it’s probably the only server that will ever experience a higher load in queues. And especially if you’re considering if you’re trying to find this photograph, this is probably going to be the biggest one with the biggest Syracuse. So if you’re trying to avoid Syracuse for rather than maybe Pharma is not the best decision for you. But if you are one of those who really wants to have a very active survey, then it is definitely a good choice. But you have to be okay with the Syracuse. Now before we head on to some other surveys, we do other scans as one. In the interest of telling you guys which survey you should play on or helping you with the decision, I will tell you that I actually transferred from foreign multiply with religion myself for the launch of TBC classic with the main purpose of avoiding those login queues for farmer. So if you are worried about those login queues, then definitely farmer might not be the choice for you, you will end up sitting in like four to six hour queues at the launch of a new expansion. And wrath is probably going to be the most popular classic edition. Exceptional actual classic while but like wrath was the most popular bow expansion and it will definitely be popular for classic as well. So if you are one if you are dreading those Syracuse and pharma might not be the decision decision for you. And personally, while I loved playing there in classic one, I did transfer away for TBC. Okay, that’s pretty much it for firemen. Let’s head on to scan number two. So scan number two was for for pirate village, which is my main server right now. And I’ll tell you this, even though it has way less active readers, and far more, the amount of people logged on just doing anything except raiding feels absolutely fantastic. So for example, for far more, you have this scan right here you can see the active amount of layers. Let’s go on to pi word which is a way lower population survey, you can see there’s not really that many less people that are actively playing the game. So I did a scan on Pinewood village, and this one finished as 1206. So six minutes past midnight. Now you can see there’s 7911 active players, which also means that this scan itself took quite a while to actually finish. So I want to say that I spent I started this character at level one, and I leveled up to I think I’m close to level 10. Right now, if I remember correctly, so I close to level 10 Maybe I’m level 10. Close to level 11. I’m basically been playing for about an hour on this character a bit more. So an hour and a half of the actual scan itself, meaning that I started the scan at half past 10 or 1030. And it has been scanning from 1030 until midnight. So that is like a round reading time. So it also past waiting times. And you can see the scale itself shows a 7911 players that is not really all that far off from pharma itself, even though pie would have emergency PvE survey, and it also has way less people than fire and more. This could probably tell me that there’s more active people that are doing anything except raid logging on this survey, and also looking at the amount of people in different level of brackets. You can see like this 170 8% Or level 70 But there’s lots of people actually leveling up. You can see the bars even the They’re very small, you can see that there’s like one person that almost every level bracket from like level 50. And after it’s about point five to 1% in every single level bracket. So if you’re planning to level up and you want to find a server where there’s activity in the leveling bracket, then pile village might just be the one for you, especially if you’re looking for a PVE survey. Speaking of PvE servers, I did a similar scan on miraggio base way where it is classified as the second most popular PvE server for urine. And this one, I might just have hit the bad timing for it, because I went here after I finished the scam and pirate village. So I went here at like 10 minutes past 12 them and the scan itself only showed 985 people but that was also like past midnight on a Wednesday. So I will admit the timing might have been bad for this one, but also simply like half an hour before this, like in the span of two hours to half an hour before this scan itself on my ranch. I did a scan on pirate village which showed like eight times as many people so there’s the it seems like there’s way more activity going on on pirate village that miraj Raceway, I could be totally wrong for that one. But it also shows like more Vader’s for pirate village as well. If we just go back to our own photo Pro you can see pirate wood has the 9.2k while me ranch has 7.1 So that is like way it’s not that huge of a gap compared to the skins but that could also tell me that pi which has some more people actively playing the game outside of just reading and me Roger raceway might have more people that are inside their Fe Guild and just raid logging. That could be industrious, pure sport your speculation no on my part. But yeah, the scan itself show the huge amount of people for pirate village and not as many for me large Raceway, I did one more thing for this one just to compare those two surveys. So right here I pulled off the actual looking for group Adam, for him Iran so we can see how many groups are currently looking for people from Iran. And you can see this six groups that are currently for me for me ranch, and I logged back over to premiere pirate wood village right after this as well. So you can see right here I pulled up the sensor scan just to show you that I’m currently playing on pirate would be in Detroit now. And then we click on to the looking for group or looking for group bulletin board add on. You can also see the time right here. So I love the right on over the pie with to see the activity going on over there. As you can see, there’s way more groups on this survey that are currently forming than on Mirage. And this was like three minutes after I did a scam on Mirage as well, just to show you another comparison between those two surveys. Also for you lone wolves watching this video if you want to play on the server all by yourself and hydroxy underwater though it is a good one. This one there’s only 31 people in total that was logged on. When I did this scam. Basically, there’s nothing going on right now on this survey. There are some guilds that are actively reading but it’s not really showing up anywhere. But there could be some people playing on the survey. But this is what a low popularity server looks like. Almost nothing happening and the scan well. 31 Total people. I did one West gumbo. This one is for another guard key but I think that’s the name yet another guard key. This is a medium survey. So 513 people actively on my right now 63% Or max level, and the other 40% or 36 point something percent are currently leveling up. So once again, if you are leveling up then I think PvE servers are a good choice. It seems to be more people that are actively leveling up on PvE service. And one more thing that I’ve noticed myself from playing on both a farmer and pirate village, there’s way less people selling boosts on PvE servers. I think that is because of the world pvp element because whenever you’re playing on fire more like let’s say level 60 to 70 There’s way more people at least on fire more because it has a healthy faction balance. So whenever you’re leveling up and alliances, there’s always some level 70 hordes trying to gank you so the appeal of those leveling boosts is way higher on PvP service because there’s so many more distractions whenever you’re leveling up in the open world. So that’s one of them huge, huge thinks that um, the differences that are noticing between PvP and PvE servers, so if you’re not really enjoying them each boost and Paladin boosting classic well and TBC classic, then PvE servers are definitely the way to go. I’m probably just rambling at this point, but I’m really having a lot of fun doing these types of scans on TBC classic and checking out the surf popularity on both classic route and TBC classic. So hopefully you’re enjoying it as well. And hopefully this video helped the load Those of you who are returning to TBC right now, or maybe you are just trying out TBC for the first time. Well hopefully this video helped you choose a server to play on. And let’s end this video off by doing something different. Let me know in the comments down below which server you were playing on. So I can see if any of you are playing on my server. If you plan on fire more, or any other server, let me know in the comment section down below. Leave a like on the video if you liked it, and if you didn’t like it, then please still like it and subscribe for more TBC videos. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

Learn what are the prons and cons of these Fresh WOTLK Servers.

ALL Pros & Cons of FRESH WOTLK Classic Servers!

ALL Pros & Cons of FRESH WOTLK Classic Servers!

So as you can expect, there’s lots of talks about pros and cons of fresh servers with Wrath of the Lich King not that far away in our in the grand scheme of things. The fact that we’ve had fresh servers announced so soon is quite impressive on blizzards part and we’ve spoke about this at length on stream.

So I’ve got four buckets of things that I’d like to talk about. We’ve got pros, we’ve got cons, we’ve got hopes and concerns.

Full List of all WOTLK Classic Servers

And then we’ve got what we’ve called funky stuff.

Actually, we did we call it something else, but we’re gonna go with funky stuff for the kids. Now, a lot of these points were all brought up on stream and everybody had their say. So these are not my hopes, concerns, pros, cons and funky stuff. This is the communities.

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Thank you CyberPower for sponsoring this video. And now let’s move on. But for pros, we’re looking at the obvious things like the fact that the market gets reset completely. And we’re talking about the economy here, there is no one sat on multiple gold caps.

And what someone said, which I really liked was that fresh car smell feeling weird to say out loud, but I really liked it when he typed it out. Another pro is that retail and ex private server players have somewhere to go now where they don’t feel so far behind.

And that is pointless even to try because you can imagine if you are just coming back from retail, we’ve been playing retail since vanilla since 2004. But you loved wrath, you’ve really got fond memories of wrath, and you want to experience it again, would you really want to experience it again, when everybody’s been doing GDK pays for the last months years, however long and OSAT on gold caps.

And you are so far behind that when you’re looking at that economy, it just puts you off. And the same goes with wanting to get these x private server players, these guys that only play on Wrath of the Lich King private servers because there is no option. It’s the game that they love.

It’s the expansion that they love is the expansion they want to play. Now they’ve got the expansion put in front of them in a classic capacity, where they’re happy to pay for it. But they’re just not happy with the way the servers are at the moment.

Being completely skewed from a faction perspective being completely skewed from an economy perspective. It’s just not an advertising place to go another minor one, maybe there’s a name that you really like and you really want to try and get that name but someone created their character two years ago, and they’ve got that name and you can’t get it.

I know that’s a minor one. But it’s a point that someone made and I thought I’d make this list a level playing field is the big one. And the level playing field is the angle that Blizzard are pushing. And he’s absolutely right. It’s the whole point of everybody feeling like they’re on a level playing field.

You can come back to Wrath of the Lich King during the pre patch and be as competitive as those that have been playing classic since 2019. Some of you would look at this as a con and say, well, it’s not fair. You’ve put the effort in and you’ve been playing since 2019. You should have an edge.

But should you really have an edge? You got to look at this in the perspective of let’s say FIFA, would you have an edge in FIFA? 22 over FIFA 21. Yeah, you played all of FIFA 21 and you’re out Ultimate Team is absolutely bang in. You’ve got every single player that you want. And it’s like Player of the Year or Team of the Year or team of the week or whatever.

And you’ve spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds to get that amazing team. But come FIFA 22. None of that means anything. So why should it mean anything? Wow. And then some real quick points, but Agra ma storm, when thunder bluff, all these places are going to feel alive again, all these OG capital cities are going to be flooded with people, which is always great to see the leveling experience without boosting will be epic.

So many people will actually be playing the game as it was intended. So no boosts to begin with. Yes, of course, majors and Paladins will be boosting, maybe not that long after launch. Because yes, there’ll be gold sellers, there’ll be people who are boosting for gold. But to begin with those first couple of months or a couple of weeks, or however long it is they are going to be legit. And everybody’s going to be pulling together to actually get these dungeons done, which just means dungeons will be easier to find groups for even without random dungeon finder because the world will feel more alive, the fresh atmosphere where people actually work together and they’re willing to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily choose to go and do on an existing realm. Why would someone go and do his old ferric at level 44 When they can pay for a boost? Why would they choose to go and do some old TBC heroics or dungeons for reputation, when they’ve already got it done, the vast majority of them. But when there’s achievement, these things are important on a fresh round people will be going and doing crazy things that you like not expecting, you know, going and doing a new rep brand is going to do in molten core rep brands. Of course, that will happen on the old existing servers as well. But it will probably be a lot more difficult to pull those players together to go and do those sorts of things. Because there’s just less players that actually need it. And the fact that there will be a period of time where there’s not boosts and who knows maybe they do go along the season or mastery line and actually restrict boosts altogether on these fresh realms, I’d find that extremely difficult for him to do, especially if we’re only talking fresh realms, they would have to do it for all of them on none of them at all. Another positive of getting heirlooms, getting heirlooms and leveling out is extremely fun. But when you’ve already got all your characters at level 70 on the existing realms, a big portion of that funds lost to the fact that you’ve got all alts available for you to go and level. Because you’ve got no other characters, you can have some real fun getting your two handed alien weapon enchanted with a big enchant and then going around and smashing level ones. It really just adds to keeping that low level content alive for as long as physically possible, which is something that will be completely lost on the old existing realms that on top of the fact that there’s a full profession reset, meaning people also have to go back to places like caravan to get recipes, like mongoose, or go to Zed a to go and get executioner further add into keeping old content alive. And people will take these things seriously, at the moment on an old realm, why would you bother, you’ll be able to find someone easily that can do dos enchant. But with the fact that heirlooms are limited to the amount of insurance that they can have, as in the level of Inchon, those old world insurance are going to be absolutely worth going back and actually get in. Whereas on an existing realm, there’s not that much point of going back, you could go back if you’re, you know about collecting all of the chants and stuff, but you’ll be able to find someone on your realm that’s got it because they’ve been playing since 2019. On here, no such luck, you’re probably going to have to get a group together and go and be the first group to get it maybe, or the second group or whatever. But either way, there’s not going to be that many people with the biggest chance that you’re going to want to heirlooms, so again, keeps the realm alive gathering professions become worthwhile was bots haven’t saturated everything yet, or the market has been hoarded by investors from previous phases. We all know bots will end up saturating the market but not straight away all the low level gear from dungeons or even raids, if you wanted to go in and get some seven year to actually assist you get into level at all of it becomes far more useful and just far more relevant where it’s not really going to matter on existing realms. Because getting dungeon get what’s the point you’re just gonna get boosted. Now when you actually get an upgrade in those dungeons, it’s gonna mean a lot. Another one could be the reduction in the amount of Death Knights we see, we know with no limitation on creating a Death Knight on the existing realms, it could mean we’re going to see a lot of them. Whereas when there is that level 55 requirement, you have to get to 55 before you can create a dk on a fresh realm, which means people can’t just create one and play it for a few levels and then disappear or even play and get all the way to 80. They’ve got to be really committed to roll in DK because they’ve got to get something else to 55 first, which will be interesting. And then on to the cons. So the loss of progress for people on their characters is obviously the biggest con there are two mindsets here. There’s those mindsets where they are attached to their characters. The same way using that FIFA 22 analogy. There’ll be people that still play FIFA 21 On because they don’t want to let their old ultimate team go I for one, I’m not really bothered. It’s a game. It’s a game that I really enjoy playing. And I would choose three months of fresh hype, where everybody is absolutely loving it and having a really good time. And even if it then slowly declined over the coming months, those free months was absolutely worth it. But then there are others that are attached to their character. They’ve invested lots of time, lots of gold, they’ve got glaives, they’ve got Scarab Lord, they’ve got grand marshal all these things that you only really planned on obtaining once you’ve gotten once you’re never bothered about being able to do it again. And you really don’t want to lose those titles or those mounts or wherever you’ve got. So it’s totally understandable that a massive con for those people will be the loss of everything that they’ve earned over the last few years. Another big con is actually that there’s no reason to play WoW, until the pre patch, and I’m coming from an angle of someone who’s going fresh. So if you’re going fresh you at the moment, I’ve got no reason to play well, it’s a really weird place to be in, like me, you know, I love making content. I love talking to you guys, I love streaming. But I’ve not really got that much reason to log on, I’m going fresh out guilds going fresh, what’s the point. So I see this as a really big con to the fresh server hype, because a lot of people at the moment are either stuck in limbo or just flat out don’t want to play, which can lead to some really bad things along the line, we are talking cons and we’re being as fair as possible that someone could quite easily fall in love with a different game. During the break between stopping playing now, I’m planning on coming back for the pre patch, where they’re gonna go fresh, they could get stuck into something like Star Wars, The Old Republic or elder scrolls online or numerous other MMOs, where they then just get to a point where they’re like, actually, I’m not that bothered about rap anymore, I do see that as a con cues are another big one, there could be queues and we don’t even know at the moment, you could be sat safely on a realm that you know is sat at a medium to high population, where you just aren’t going to suffer from queues or you could be on fire more where you know, you’re guaranteed queues and you’re thinking, well, I’ll go fresh, there won’t be any queues there. And you could end up in an even longer queue if the hype for the servers is so big, and the amount of servers that are provided are too small, which also then comes down to the fact that depending on how many servers they make PvP might be hugely unbalanced, we know that there’s a very big possibility that alliances is going to get stacked on servers due to every man for their self, or Wilter, survival, whatever it’s called now. So on these PvP servers, we could still end up with this nice, shiny, fresh new server that’s just dominated by alliances, and then we could get a PVE server that’s absolutely dominated by Horde, do we really want to be in that position again, because if things like this happen, maybe the server’s got a potential to die off quicker than an existing established realm, forcing you to pay to transfer or a massive loss in time to re roll back to your original server and rapidly decreasing player base after the first month is going to be a big one, I myself have witnessed people saying, oh, yeah, I’m gonna go on fresh for a couple of weeks just to check it out. But then, you know, I’m gonna go back to my main ready for when rough launches. So we’re gonna have these massively inflated numbers of people on these fresh servers to begin with, and then they all just fall off. So the massively inflated numbers at the start, where everyone’s just toying around with it could cause queues, which puts people off who would actually be willing to sort of go the distance and stay on that server. So it’s the uncertainty around the first few weeks of it. And when we’re only going to get two to four weeks, probably for hopefully, weeks of pre patch, it could have a quite a negative effect on that server. And another big one is that people are forced to choose between guilds move into fresh and their current stability. So if you’re in an established Guild, and a moment where you’re clearing content, that you really liked the idea of fresh, so you potentially now could choose to go fresh and damage your guild because you’ve got that fear of missing out of this big fresh opportunity. And it could tear guilds up on current servers, either forcing some of those people to quit, because they don’t want to be anywhere else other than the guild that they’re playing in, and they don’t want to go fresh. So leading on from that it potentially splits players off of medium population servers, which could lead to even more medium population servers dying. So if all these people on the medium pop servers are like, You know what, I’ll sack this off. I’m gonna go and play fresh, it’s going to be a much better experience, those servers could die. So yes, we’ve got these nice new fresh servers, but then we’ve also got other servers dying because of them, which is going to lead to more server shutdowns. More people were in those servers because they don’t want to go fresh, they’re attached to their character and all their gear. So that could be a potential loss of a subscriber you know, for Blizzard their self. There’s a lot of cons to consider really, even though I’m pro fresh then to fly through some more days. It could die after 90 days, but also could get busier. It may be a smaller community at 80 Because people give up after having to manually level again instead of actually just doing the 70 to 80 on their existing realm, you can’t make a dk on day one. Some people might see this as a negative because if you want to play a DK and you’re coming back to RAF to play a dk, are you going to choose a fresh realm where you’ve got to do one to 55? Or are you going to go on an existing realm where you can straightaway start a dk, so the restriction there could be seen as a negative. From the perspective of someone who wants a dk, the chances of Blizzard giving up on fresh is also higher, just like season a mastery. And what we mean by this is, you could get to a point where you start seeing diminishing populations on the servers. And all of a sudden, they’re like, You know what, it’s been 92 days, let’s open transfers. And that’s what we absolutely don’t want fresh is meant to be fresh, and they have tried putting our mind at ease with blue posts. And there’s even been a second blue Post in the last 24 hours since I put a video out about an update, just reiterating the fact that 90 days doesn’t mean 90 days. So they may not open transfers on the servers ever, it’s totally going to come down to the population, how healthy it all looks, and if it’s sustainable. And then of course, when it comes to cons, loss of titles that were available, pre Wrath of the Lich King, there’ll be certain things that you just aren’t going to be able to get in Wrath of the Lich King that you can have on classic. And what this also leads to is if they do allow transfers, people being able to move on to these fresh servers, where things have been unobtainable for so long, all of a sudden become obtainable to those that obtained it on other servers. It’s just not right, you should never expect to see without changes. A Scarab Lord are our grand marshal or anything like that on a fresh rough server, because they’re not obtainable. And we understand they’re not obtainable to the sea, people moving over with them to these fresh realms is a massive, massive downer. And another one is a big threat to the community itself. And you may not know but when it comes to Wrath of the Lich King, private servers like warmane, they are notoriously toxic. The communities are awful like they really are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s some nice people that play on warmane. And I’m sure some of you are those people. But in general, they aren’t like classic. They’re not as understanding they are very toxic, I ain’t got another word. So most of those will probably flock to fresh servers, which actually could all of a sudden make it not feel quite as classic as classic is I don’t particularly see it as a con because everybody on this fresh servers in the same boat. But there could potentially be cases where old items that are no longer obtainable from the original knacks are useful, such as the tier three Resto Druid set, which gives like an additional revitalize, which we actually spoke about on a podcast recently, actually quick blog or the podcast, people do see it as a con because of how serious competing on Warcraft logs is nowadays. So it could be seen as a con if some of these items are completely unobtainable, and people have already got them on existing realms, I don’t really see it as a con, I see that as a trade off. You know, as in we understand, I understand that if I’m going on a fresh realm, there’s certain things I’m just not going to be able to get and then for some hopes and concern. So if you have got a dark ball pass, does it count for fresh servers, we know it’s just a minuscule amount of gold from getting a free mount. But is it really fresh if you’re getting anything free. Another one would be when they open transfers, if they open transfers, should there be a limitation on this were only bind on pickup items can be moved, and let’s say a 1000 Gold limit. This means they couldn’t buy loads of stuff from an auction house and move them over to sell. We will put this down as a hope rather than a concern. But it does really fall in both camps. Whilst there shouldn’t be transfers onto fresh realms, there also shouldn’t really be transferred off of fresh realms, because we know the fresh realm is going to have a very different economy to everywhere else. And you could potentially buy lots of things really cheap to move to a different realm and really cash in. Now whilst that happens all the time going from high pop to low pop realms, I think there will be a bigger difference between fresh and existing when it comes to market value on items. And there’s a hope it would be really good for Blizzard to use this chance to force faction balance on PvP servers, blocking the majority faction from making new characters. So if you wish to go to a maximum of let’s say 6040, or as close to it as possible, you can no longer create characters on the 60% faction, we know that does cause difficulty if your friend comes and wants to start playing. But it is a chance for him to at least manage factions and try something different. And if they really want to allow transfers from the servers or to the servers, they should only really allow them between fresh servers. We know there’s going to be more than one. So let’s say there was only two you can move between fresh servers, you can’t move anywhere else that would keep it as fair as possible. This is a big hope boys. This is a big hope people have said that random dungeon finder should be in fresh. I totally agree. And it’s really hard for me to even come up with a negative reason why it shouldn’t. The only thing I can come up with is the fact that they should not differentiate between the servers. It’s not fresh. Let’s talk around with things versus old, we’ll leave it all the same. So I do get the fact that no, they should all be the same. It’s either dungeon finder in all, or dungeon finder in none. But it still is a nice thing for someone like me who really liked random dungeon finder to think of being the fact that Blizzard could just put it in just for us just for the fresh reroll is just help us while we’re leveling, another hope someone said was about bringing GMs back just on the servers, so it is heavily policed from the word go to, they could really have a new start at keeping the server’s balanced. But again, I totally understand, there’s nothing special about these fresh servers over the servers that you’ve been paying to play on for the last three to four years. So no, they shouldn’t really get special treatment, but still will be nice, now funky stuff to real funky points. I like the word funky, but to really funky points. When it comes to getting items that are no longer obtainable, it would be a chance for him to make things slightly different. Again, I want to stay completely neutral. And I want to come at it from a place where we respect everybody, you stand on existing realms, and we respect everybody that’s going on fresh realms, we know the Zed a bear. So the Armani war bear would not be available, we’re never going to see one unless they open transfers and people bring them over. The same way. We’ll never see a scarab Lord or the mount that goes along with Scarab Lord. So could they actually just for the fresh servers, add events during the lifecycle of Wrath of the Lich King, for example, a free month AQ event to be able to get Scarab Lord, or even a version of Zola man where it’s tuned to level 80 Just for a small period of time, maybe just between tier seven and eight, or between tier nine and 10 just to fill a gap where you can obtain those mounts or those titles on those servers. And I know you’re like No, no, that’s ridiculous, crazy talk. It is crazy talk from Blizzard. But it does also make sense. It would be good, it would be fun. It would attract people even to play on those servers, even if they was on. If you John, I’m talking to you, John, if your name is John, comment below, sign up. I’m John, thanks for talking to me. If you’re playing on fire more, and you heard there’s going to be a tune at version of Zed a, you’d probably start a character and slowly level one up, you know, on a on a fresh realm just to experience it. So whilst I know all the servers need to be aligned, you can’t have special stuff on fresh servers versus existing servers. But at the same time, we said it’s funky stuff. It’s just a nice forte and that’s where I want to leave the video, so be sure to like and subscribe. 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