How to Farm 1000 WOTLK Classic Gold per Hour

Learn The Best Way to Farm 1000 WOTLK Classic Gold per Hour

I’m going to show you how to farm over 1000 golden hour in Wrath of the Lich King classic. All right, this is for rogues only, it’s completely Sobel. And what you’ll be doing is massively mass farming clumps of bombs and Caravan, you’re going to be able to clear out like to entire floors of trash mobs in like under three minutes and Caravan, resetting it five times. It’s an insane amount of gold. You’re gonna get tons of grays, greens, cloth, and all sorts of really good stuff. And it’s just, it’s just crazy. It made me the richest character on Ticonderoga bus back in the day in Wrath of the Lich King vanilla. You can also watch this video, and this copy is a transcript of it:

Alright, so here’s how you do as a rope, you’re going to need goblin engineering. This is so you could throw bombs and use rocket gloves to pull bombs efficiently and quickly. If you don’t have engineering.

So How to Farm 1000 WOTLK Classic Gold in an hour?

Unless you want to buy WoW WOTLK Classic Gold – It’s still okay, it’s just a lot more difficult to pull the mobs and you will need a chanting to disenchant the greens you get though if you don’t have enchanting, you’ll just lose a little bit of gold per hour and an ultimate tailoring because you’re gonna have tons of cloth and you’re going to want to mail that off to your vault and then have them turn it into tailoring craft to either disenchant or sell on the market or whatnot. Okay, now if you don’t have those professions or you don’t want to have those professions it’s about 800 gold per hour. Now you need to life Warden chance on your weapons and those weapons need to be 1.8 attack speed or slower the higher the number the slower it is okay so you want slow daggers now for gear item level 232 it’s overkill if you can you can do it in much lower gear because again caravan is a level 70 Read dungeon but still item level two thirds you makes it the easiest fastest way to do this. You don’t really need anything higher than that and you can easily get like the PvP deadly set that’s what I used in back in the day I didn’t even use like raid gear or anything okay, you’re also going to need essence of gossamer which is a trinket you get from heroic as Jolanda rube. I don’t know if I spelled that right on the screen and the dark mood card of heroism which is something you can still get to this day I believe.

IGame FR - How to farm 1000 GOLD per hour on WOTLK Classic

Now you’ll need Max lockpicking to even insert caravan or the caravan key if you happen to have it and you the only way to enter caravan is to invite a friend or just a random person and form a raid group. That way you can enter it okay. Now for glyphs you need evasion and Phantom knives and spreads. I recommend vanish. You don’t need pick locker pick pocket but it’s just they’re just nice to have. Okay, now let’s talk about the tech tree in the middle, your talent tree rather okay, this min max is your defenses. And the way this works is you’re gonna be spamming Fan of Knives and this maximizes your Fan of Knives DPS, your survivability gives you energy back whenever you hit mobs with phantom knives. It massively does poison damage spread with your phantom knives and it also makes you like 100% evasion whenever you pop your evasion which makes you essentially unkillable, but you will still be hitting maybe I believe by spells but the thing is your phantom knives is going to do an AoE heal, you’re going to be healing over 20,000 hp per second and over 50,000 over healing HP per second. It’s insane. This it makes you unkillable as long as evasion is up you cannot die and your DPS you’re just the best AOE DPS in the game. This build this gear is also used at the time and wrath of Lich King to power level people through you can pull all of ramparts and nuke everything down including the bosses with this build. While you have invasion up into insane I used to be one of the fastest power leveling people I held the world record at one point, guys you like I’m going to show you footage now of how this works and how it’s done. Now please pardon the quality I used to be a YouTuber back in the day and this is the highest quality copy I could find that someone had. Again, this is my video that I made a long time ago. Now I just want to show you that you can pull all of ramparts and this is how you would practice doing this.

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Okay, um, so I didn’t show it in the video but I threw a bomb at the top cliff and that’s going to pull the whole instance okay. And as you can see here, you basically pump evasion, you got to make sure that the enemies are in front of you so that they don’t hate you if you have evasion and enemies are behind you they will land hits on you and you can see that I’m still getting hit a bit it’s a little hard to see because of the quality but my health largest chumps completely full. Okay, and you just spam Fan of Knives as long as you have evasion up and yeah, you’re just going to be killing everything. Okay, so that’s basically how it works. Alright, so this is the full caravan run, and this goes over every step you need. Now, the reason why I don’t have the audio playing for my whole video, is because while it used copyrighted music, I was breathing heavily into the microphone. I was just using a really crappy headset microphone, and there’s a lot of mic pops and mostly the copyrighted music. I can’t play that on YouTube obviously because the video will get demonetized and it won’t be shown to anybody. So but this is my video so let me explain
What’s going on here from memory of course. Now, I’m a level at Rogue and a level seven you raid dungeon. You see that mob with the little blue eyeball over its head, okay, that can detect you in stealth. But for whatever reason, if you distract it and make it face away, it’s just barely enough to jump over that little corner there and it won’t detect you. I don’t know why that works. And I can’t guarantee you that that will work in Wrath of Lich King classic. However, if it does detect you, you just kill it, and then vanish. It’s fine. Okay. And yeah, so essentially all these little trash mobs, these little ghosts, little rich kid ghosts, whatever they are. It is. It’s an insanely good form this if you are a rogue and Wrath of the Lich King and you don’t do this, you’re gonna fall behind other robes that do. This is the best way to make golden all of Wrath of the Lich King, there is no other class that can do this better than a rogue now, back in the day, people wanted to argue with me that Paladins were better because they could just pull everything in tank and then AOE down. A Paladin doing this, even with the best possible year from Icecrown Citadel would take 20 minutes to do while we do in about three minutes. Okay, and you can see I have text at the bottom of the screen. I used to do heavy heavy editing back in the day. Now for the poison. I believe it’s instant poison. And one deadly, I think I’m stalking both because you can see the poison effect. Also, do note that due to your talents, they are also being crippled. So take that in mind. Now I don’t pull those skeleton ushers, they’re a little tougher, and they’re kind of annoying with their eye spells. So we don’t touch those guys. Those guys are like the bouncers of the club. You don’t want to mess with them. Okay.
And again, I do apologize for the visual quality here. Again, this is from a plaster on the past, it’s been like, I don’t know how many years since we’ve done this. Now if you mark the mob like I did there, you can see them through the wall. Okay, so what I like to do is I jump on this little ledge, and I just use rocket gloves to pull mobs jump down, and then I’m going to throw a saronite bomb ahead while using a thrown weapon to basically pull as many moms as possible. On the right side, there was a patrol so I use distract. Okay, so we throw the bomb that we throw up and then we cast phantom knives as we sprint it down the stairs and line of sight these mobs around the corner. All right, and then
and then you just wait for them. And then at this point, you pop evasion. That way, they’re all stacked up and you just start spamming phantom knives like crazy.

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Now back in the day, I didn’t have the best PC so it gets a little laggy. And you can see some of the moms are casting fire spells, there’s a few behind me, it’s fine, you just keep mashing that phantom knives, spell, they’re gonna die, you’re gonna be fully healed. Now here’s the thing if for whatever reason you don’t manage to kill them all before your evasion timer runs out, you need to be staring at your buffs and jump down the stairs and vanish at the same time. And what that’s going to do is prevent them from knocking you out of vanish and it will exit combat and then you just lose all the moms, you exit the raid and then you reset it because you haven’t killed any bosses, you can reset caravan infinitely and form this over and over and over and over again. Alright, so this is more of a speed run version where you can sprint there distract here I have a timer kind of in the top right. You can also rocket boots to speed this up. And I’m showing just how fast you can get this farm done. The footage is sped up a little bit, but it gets the point across where you kill these mobs, you loot the heck out of them. Now the cool thing about caravan is there is a vendor outside for all of your grades and junk items. And then as an engineer, you have something called ball II, which is a portable mailbox. So you can just mail off all all your stuff to your vault, you never have to visit town. You never have to travel anywhere, you can just park your road here forever. And just use this as a gold farming altar if you want and it’s so easy. It’s one of the easiest gold farms in all of World of Warcraft ever. So that’s pretty much it. And again, if you skip the start of the video for some reason, because I know people do that. Here it is once again, just in case you need it and you don’t want to rewind, I’m so busy. Thanks for watching. Thanks for hanging out with me today. I know I don’t really make World of Warcraft videos on this channel anymore because I don’t really play but I was a YouTuber back in the day in Wrath of the Lich King and I was a pretty big one too and I got lots of views so I wanted to share this with you how to form 1000 golden hour as a rogue in Wrath of the Lich King classic. I would ask you to subscribe and all that stuff but because I don’t really make World of Warcraft videos I understand that you might not want to but if you want to see other MMO RPG using video games and you’ve maybe you like me as a person, then come on back tomorrow because I make daily videos and I appreciate you so much for watching and I will I will hopefully see you again someday.

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